Meet the Team – Kyle Cornelius

September 4th, 2009

I’m Kyle Cornelius, one of the concept artists here at Runic. A little history about me… I graduated from Western Washington University with a BS in Industrial Design. I sort of fell into the gaming industry after college while beta-testing Mythos. I was hired on as a contract concept artist at Flagship Seattle, and worked on Mythos for several months before the studio shut down and we reformed as Runic.

My duties have bounced around a lot during the course of the project, concepting monsters, characters, props, armor, as well as a fair amount of UI design. The variety keeps things fresh, and helps me become more well-rounded as an artist. Working in a small studio with a flexible art director is awesome, and really allows for a lot of wild designs to come to fruition. It’s a pleasure to work on a game that you are really excited to play, as well as having coworkers that are as passionate about the project as you are. Seeing players’ reactions to our work at E3 was very rewarding, and I am excited to help show off a much more complete version of the game at PAX. That being said, we are all happy to be close to launching our first title, and beginning work on the MMO afterward.