Meet the NPCs of Torchlight

September 4th, 2009

The boomtown of Torchlight is not just filled with ember-crazed monsters and heroes – there are also the characters you will meet along your journey. In this article you will meet three NPCs that are your primary contacts within Torchlight – giving you quests and critical information, even briefly adventuring at your side. Please meet Master Alric, Syl, and Brink.



Last-born of a noble house, Syl ’s early life expected both too much from her and not enough. As a child she escaped political lessons to explore nearby ruins, and it was there that Alric found her. He had never wanted an apprentice, but Syl had potential he could not ignore. She understood the magic of Ember intuitively, and her curiosity mirrored his own. Syl’s family released her eagerly, and her true lessons began.

She drank in his knowledge and the world opened up before her. She learned to defend herself with the power of Ember, and to look deeply into the past. As Syl studied the remains of civilizations, she could see patterns. Sometimes a small thing would have made the difference, a push at the right moment to save them from ruin. While Alric seeks the power to change the world, Syl seeks the wisdom to guide it.

Alric had been absent for two years when Syl finally received a message calling her to Torchlight. It was not unusual for her and Alric to spend months apart before meeting to share their discoveries, but he had been missing for far too long. Relieved, Syl and her companion Brink began their journey to Torchlight.


Brink was a mercenary once, but three years ago he found a much better arrangement. Syl has a knack for finding hidden ruins, for avoiding their traps, and for unlocking their vaults- but she has no interest in their treasure. Brink watches Syl’s back so that she can concentrate on her rotting books and indecipherable tablets, and in return he takes all the loot he can carry.

After leading such a solitary life, Brink is surprised by how comfortable he feels with his traveling companion.


Master Alric

Alric has spent his long life gathering knowledge and secrets, not from libraries, but from the heart of forgotten temples and crumbling cities. He sees a world poised on the edge of renaissance, but bound by savage creatures. Civilizations rise only to be consumed, their knowledge and progress wasted. If he could gather enough power to control the monsters, he could change the world for the better. After all, anything is possible with Ember.

After countless expeditions in dark labyrinths Alric has collected scars, gained an apprentice, and grown old. Faced with dwindling time and his life’s work incomplete, he began to experiment with Ember transfusion. Alric steeped himself in the essence of magic in an effort to prolong his life, but he had little success until the discovery at Torchlight.

The Ember vein below Torchlight is richer than any remembered, and the Ember’s special properties gave Alric hope. He could almost hear it whispering to him as he manipulated it, telling him the proper way, promising that he was nearly there. By the time he sensed the corruption, it had already taken root within him.

Cursing himself for a fool, he set off for Torchlight in search of a cure.